can you put shoes in the dryer

Can You Put Shoes In The Dryer?

It can be a real hassle when your shoes get wet. You might be tempted to put them in the dryer to try and speed up the drying process, but can you put shoes in the dryer, and is it safe to do that? In this blog post, we’ll explore whether or not you can put shoes in the dryer and provide some tips on how to speed up the drying process without damaging your shoes.

can you put shoes in the dryer
can you put shoes in the dryer

Can You Put Shoes In The Dryer?

You probably hate rainy days unless you have a pair of waterproof sneakers like these knit Vessi. If you get caught in the rain or step in a puddle, your favorite sneakers may have to take a backseat until they dry. It would be much more efficient to dry your shoes in the dryer.

But, is it safe to dry shoes in a tumble dryer? We mean, should you even bother?

There is a yes and a no to that question. Wet footwear can be dried in a dryer, but care must be taken to prevent any damage. This is because some fabrics will be damaged if you don’t wash them properly.

Just how does one go about drying shoes in a washing machine?

How Shoes Should Be Dried In The Dryer

1. Be Sure To Read The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

You can find care instructions for your shoes on a label inside the majority of shoe brands. Information on sizing, materials, and country of manufacture are typically all found on the same label. Care for your shoes properly by following the advice in the included cleaning instructions.

It’s not uncommon for shoe labels to be tiny and offer only a few symbols to indicate whether or not the shoes can be bleached, washed, and dried. There is a full guide to the symbols if you need help understanding them.

However, keep in mind that some manufacturers won’t bother including that data at all. The best course of action is to hand wash the shoe and let it air dry in such a scenario.

What can and cannot be dried in a dryer is detailed below.

2. Learn How Various Substances React To Drying Conditions

can you put shoes in the dryer
can you put shoes in the dryer

Fibers of the Nylons and Polyesters

Nylon and polyester are commonly used to create running and athletic footwear due to their extreme elasticity. It’s usually not the focal point of the design but rather used in strategic amounts to improve the shoe’s functionality.

It is essential to dry shoes made from these materials in a low heat setting to prevent any kind of melting or cracking. To avoid shrinkage when machine drying, the temperature must be set very low for polyester.

One more useful piece of advice is to treat nylon and polyester garments as you would any other synthetic fabric.


Canvas shoes are common because they are comfortable and long-lasting. The good news is that it can withstand high dryer heat well because it is the same material used to make things like tents. Because of this, you can safely dry your canvas shoes in the dry other components of a shoe should that should not be overlooked, such as the rubber or plastic sole and the metal lacing hardware.

The likelihood of the sneakers becoming too small or warping is minimal. The dryer will work fine on the middle heat setting.


The pulp from trees is processed into a fabric called rayon, which is only partially synthetic. Purified cellulose fibers are the result, and they excel at wicking away moisture while maintaining airflow. That’s why you often see shoes made of rayon for sports like running.

However, keep in mind that it easily loses its color, stretches, or shrinks when exposed to high heat. While Rayon itself will not melt, your athletic shoes will be ruined if they catch fire.

Avoid using the washer and dryer on your rayon footwear.

Leather (Sheepskin And Cowhide)

Heat is not good for leather shoes or anything else made from animal products. Wrinkles and creases become more pronounced over time, but this is a process that takes time. As the form of leather shoes gradually deviates from their historic norm, they will become increasingly uncomfortable to wear.

In addition, leather sports shoes and running shoes can fade in the sun. In general, it’s best to wash leather items by hand and let them dry naturally.


Due to the delicate nature of suede, letting the shoe air dry is recommended. To begin with, your dress shoes may not fare well in extremely cold or warm weather.

Suede can become brittle and crack in extremely cold weather. However, warping and cracking can happen when temperatures get too high. Therefore, to protect your shoes from fading, it is best to dry them in the shade rather than in direct sunlight.

Foam Or Gel

Even though modern sneaker construction frequently employs foam and gel, this is still something to consider when deciding how to clean the shoes. Foam footwear, for instance, may not always have detachable soles.

Washing your sneakers in a washing machine can weaken the glue on the inside and cause the insoles to come loose. Furthermore, the parts deteriorate more quickly because of the dryer’s agitation. The material’s quality can be diminished at any heat setting above zero.

Similarly, heat causes the gel to melt and distort. The harder the shoe gets from repeated use, the more likely it is to crack. Soaked shoes with a gel or foam sole should be allowed to air dry.

Shoes With Embellishments

Drying shoes in a dryer can cause removable embellishments to fall off. After all, if you tumble them in the dryer, the delicate items can get separated from the shoes. Therefore, it is best to let shoes with delicate designs dry naturally.


As an alternative to conventional leather, organic cotton is sometimes used by companies that specialize in vegan footwear. These shoes can be safely dried in the dryer, but they may shrink slightly. To stop the cotton shoes from shrinking as they dry, stuff them with small towels.

3. Think About What Will Benefit The Dryer The Most

To avoid ruining your shoes, it is essential to use the correct settings.

Just because you’re going to throw your shoes in the dryer doesn’t mean you can ignore safety precautions. It’s possible that if you mess up this step, your favorite pair of shoes will be ruined.

To begin, you should always wash your shoes before drying them. This short tutorial should prove useful.

If your shoes are dripping wet, you should drain the excess water out of them before drying them. Second, make sure the lint filter is clean to ensure the best possible machine performance. Finally, make sure you’re using low heat and sticking to the package directions.

4. Make Sure Your Shoes Aren’t Rattling Around In The Dryer

Both the shoes and the dryer could be damaged if you let them bounce around inside. To avoid the doors slamming shut, throw in some large towels instead. To prevent the shoes from shrinking as they dry, you can also stuff them with certain materials and fabrics (like smaller towels).

Alternatively, you can use the shoelaces to hang the shoes from the inside of the dryer’s door. Bind them together and squeeze them through the dryer’s door. When drying your shoes, make sure they are not laced up normally. Take the laces out of the shoes and use just one of the holes to tie them.

Don’t bother putting those laces away; just leave the dryer door open. Make sure the shoes aren’t jammed against the walls and are just dangling inside the door. Drying shoes using this hanging method is more efficient than using towels in the dryer.

5. Pick The Correct Settings

If you want your machine to dry without using a lot of heat, select the Air Dry setting. If there is no other option, the lowest temperature setting will do.

You should pause the cycle at regular intervals to check if the shoes are dry on the inside by touching them. If you feel like they’re almost finished, feel free to keep adding five-minute increments.

Is There Any Other Way Than Putting Shoes In The Dryer?

You can either use the shoe dryer or hang the shoes up to dry. You can either put them on a drying rack in direct sunlight or hang them by their laces in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Alternatively, you can use newspaper to absorb moisture from the feet inside the shoes (replace it every two hours). If nothing else helps, try putting your shoes in a bowl of rice and leaving them covered for a few hours.


Yes, you can put shoes in the dryer, but there are a few things you should keep in mind first. Make sure to read the care label on your shoes, as some types of shoes can be damaged by heat. It’s also important to use the correct settings on your dryer and to check on your shoes regularly to make sure they’re not getting too hot. Finally, consider other drying methods if you’re worried about damaging your shoes.

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